Helping our Customers to Reuse Materials and Reduce Landfills and/or Waste Disposal Management Costs.

Today, customers often pay a third party in the chain to manage and/or dispose of their waste, or it accumulates in their on-site scrap yards.


ME Elecmetal’s circular economy plan was created in 2022 and has three objectives:

  1. Maximize the recovery of other products.
  2. Implement the ME PolyFIT® rubber recovery plant.
  3. Separate scrap (steel balls) and components similar in shape to liners, but with a different composition.

The ME PolyFIT® Plant is a unique solution in the market, allowing the separation of steel from rubber. Thus, it is estimated that it is possible to recycle 2,000 tons* of rubber per year.

The Scrap Separation Plant differentiates between the magnetite (ore) and the grinding balls discarded in the milling process. This initiative is in a test phase. The plant is located in central Chile and is expected to be mobilized to our customers’ mining sites soon. It is estimated that the amount of waste to be recirculated could reach 80,000 tons* per year, which can be sold to steel suppliers.

*Note: the estimates of tons to be recirculated in both cases will depend on the plant configuration and production capacity.

Footprint Alliance

“I started with circularity issues in 2022 by researching and reading different models. It is a very powerful topic — especially in mining. We are all supplier companies and customers in the same: avoiding the use of raw materials and circularizing as much as possible”.

“With steel we do the recycling of steel liners in a natural way and some time ago we opened ourselves to look for more solutions in the same line, hand in hand with the customer”.

Manuel Maureira, Senior Cirular Economy Engineer for ME Elecmetal

The initiative will benefit all of our customers that process copper.


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