ME Electemal and its approach to community relations





Open an maintain an ongoing dialogue between ME Elecmetal Chile and its neighbors and nearby communities to allow operational continuity of our plants and distribution centers.




A set of activities has been defined with neighbors and communities, focusing on creating and maintaining a dialogue and open communication channels to resolve any conflicts or and to listen to suggestions regarding our operations.

Some of the actions carried out include:

  1. JJ VV support: contribution to finance a recreational trip to the villages of Diego Portales, Irene Frei and Villa las Rosas, as well as contributions to other JJ VV for different neighborhood activities.
  2. Social support: support from different corporations, such as Corporación de Desarrollo Social de la Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes: delivery of school kits and backpacks to children and adolescents and student tours of ME Elecmetal plant in Rancagua for students in the program. ME Elecmetal also makes cash donations to Corporación la Esperanza, Rancagua Center.
  3. Health: donation of toys to children at the Antofagasta Regional Hospital, from the NANEAS program (children and adolescents with special health care needs).
  4. Training: cooperation with SENCE, the local municipality and SEREMI del Trabajo O’Higgins to develop training courses for users in the Cardenal Caro province.
  5. Sports: sponsorship of Team Zorrobike mountain bike race in the city of Calama.
  6. Volunteering: Christmas party for children from Camp Familia Unida and party for the Rincón de los Sueños kindergarten and nursery school in Rancagua.
  7. Parishes: delivery of 570 boxes of merchandise to Cristo Rey, San Francisco, San José de Requínoa and Punta de Cortés parishes, as well as a cash donation to San Francisco de Rancagua for the demolition of its atrium.
  8. Casa del Arte: Sponsors Open Air Theater January 2023, Rancagua

“We are concerned about what is happening in the environment and for this, we not only seek for solutions within our communities, but also work with Dideco (Community Development Directorate), with the municipalities or regional services,” explains Ingeborg Monge, Head of Personnel Management at ME Elecmetal Rancagua Plant.

“The most important thing with the communities is the forum. For this, we have established an ongling dialogue that allows us to address possible challenges in a timely manner. In fact, very few complaints are raised,” she concludes.







Connections through different initiatives in the various ME Elecmetal operations.











The municipalities, communities and regional service areas in the regions ME Elecmetal’s has plants or distribution centers.






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