Value Creation Connections

We actively seek to engage communities, suppliers, and customers in value creation as a change agent that drives sustainability in our environment and industry.

We will work together with communities to generate shared value through social investment that promotes their progress and development.


  • Territorial diagnosis of operations located in strategic territories, or shared with other interest groups.
  • Relationship program to provide community consultations and address complaints.
  • Joint work program with the Claro Vial Foundation


  • Engage communities and reduce the number of inquiries and claims received.
  • Integration of relationship programs in the communities of our mining clients.

Related Sustainable Develpment Goals

Our business grows together with our suppliers. We will strengthen our role as a strategic partner with our customers and contribute to their ESG performance.


  • Supplier Master data management by operation at a global level.
  • Development of a program to promote the contracting of local suppliers.
  • ESG performance improvement service program.
  • Baseline ESG measurement indicators for our clients.
  • Development of new integrated solutions to improve environmental impact.


  • Dedicate 5% of our budget to supply chain development.
  • Have 50% of our clients participate in advisory services.
  • Have 50% of our clients measured under ESG standards.
  • Two new services developed.
Related Sustanable Development Goals


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