The Environment

We are committed to being an active agent to promote carbon neutrality and the circular economy in the industry — innovating and designing new alternatives for our clients, and providing concrete information on our environmental performance.

A 30% reduction of greenhouse gassess from our own plants by 2030 (scope 1, 2 and 3)


  • Establish baseline emissions in all of our operations — characterized by energy source.
  • Define investment initiatives related to compensation and reduction of emissions in all our operations.


  • Audited measurement of emissions in all our operations for the 2022 operation (to be carried out in 2023).
  • Greenhouse gas reduction investment plan for each of our plants.
Related SDG

Implementation of a circular economy strategy for our products, based on strategic alliances.


  • Incorporate eco-designed products — promoting their recyclability and the implementation of measures to promote the circular economy.
  • Development of a Footprint Alliance for grinding media recycling.


  • Zero waste to the landfill in all our operations by 2040.
  • 100% of operations with waste management metrics.
  • Partnership and roadmap designed.
Related Sustanable Development Goals


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